Resolving Chronic Illnesses

taught by Claudia Orgill

Course description

This course is by far one of the most important courses I've ever put together! In this course I share the key steps I learned during my 7 1/2 year battle with chronic Lyme disease and how we can use those steps to overcome any chronic illness.

We need to understand what we have to do to pull ourselves out of the grips of a chronic illness. We have to know how to fight and win the battle! (And then we need to help others do the same thing.) Chronic illnesses are dramatically on the rise - we have to arm ourselves with knowledge, skills, and information to know how to win this battle both from a physical and a spiritual standpoint - and both for ourselves and for others.  

Claudia Orgill
Claudia Orgill

Claudia Orgill has been studying alternative and natural solutions for health and disease for over 12 years. She is currently studying to become a board certified Holistic Health Practitioner. She is the author of a popular natural health book called Beyond Wheat and Weeds. Claudia has taught others about using alternative solutions to safely, peacefully and effectively address all manner of health ailments throughout the U.S.