Claudia Orgill

First Aid & Illness Kit Course

In the First Aid & Illness Kit course you will learn how to put together an extensive kit that will allow you to address all manner of common ailments, injuries and illnesses using alternative remedies and important tools.

Claudia Orgill

Healing Wounds, Burns, Bites & Stings

Learn how to use natural and alternative substances to heal wounds, burns, bites and stings of all types. Learn basic care for each of these issues including how to identify and treat infections both topically and systemically.

Claudia Orgill

Beat the Flu Using Alternative Remedies

We are NOT helpless once it comes to preventing or treating the flu! Claudia teaches about some of the hardest hitting alternative remedies we can use for the flu & other things we can do to help the body recover as quickly as possible from the flu.

Claudia Orgill

Making Homeopathic Remedies

Claudia teaches how to create 100's of remedies using the 6c strength. You'll learn how to make homeopathic remedies using toxins from the air, herbal tinctures, infected saliva and how to add a catalyst to your remedy and more! Free book included!